Wool Combing

Smart & Simple

Art-of-the-state machinery to Fleece is thoroughly skirted by removing the worst parts of the fleece, especially anything that contains tags.

Dyeing & Spinning

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Creative Ideas

  • Research & Development

    Committed to maintain high quality standards, we exercise strict quality control at every stage of manufacturing and work closely with our suppliers to provide highest level of service to our client base.

  • Infrastructure & Workshops

    All our products are manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities with modern and clean workshops to ensure highest quality standards. Our manufacturing plants are focused on utilizing the latest technology to service the competitive global markets.

  • Environment & Efficiency

    Eco-friendly manufacturing facilities and comprehensive employee training ensure that we provide safe and healthy work environment to keep our employees motivated and attain the highest level of productivity.

Professionally Managed Group

Kriti Spinners Group is geared towards the global and domestic client base that demands high quality standards, innovative products and high level of service. We plan to increase our market share on existing products both domestically and globally, and simultaneously, diversify our offering by adding new products. Our goal is to work closely with our clients and manufacturers to achieve their specific goals, while maintaining our commitment to high quality and service standards.

Kriti Spinners Group established its reputation as a leading supplier of textile yarns in North India. Based out of Ludhiana (India), we specialize in Cotton, Polyester and Blended yarns used for both knitted and woven fabrics. We work closely with several large manufacturers and buyers, providing a wide range of textile products at competitive prices. We are committed to grow our product lines in fabrics and garments.

We perform our own diligence before committing to work with selected suppliers and buyers to maintain highest service and quality standards. Continuous innovation and close customer interaction has enabled the group to build several strong partnerships.